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Ridesharing Car Services Are Cheaper Than Airport Parking Facilities

Ridesharing apps are providing several services to the riders for them to travel to the airport. The Logan International Airport in Boston is indeed one of the busiest airports in the whole of United States! There are thousands of people who come to this airport and go from it every day.

People who are going to the airport to travel abroad now take rides from the ridesharing car services to reach there on time. People prefer leaving their cars at home. They don’t even take taxi cabs now! However using these car services, they are now at ease because they know a car will pick them from their homes and will drop them off at the airport in the required time.

Ridesharing Apps Cheaper Than Airport Parking Facilities


Before the launching of ridesharing apps, people used the parking facilities of the respective airports. They would take their cars from their homes and park the cars in the parking lots of these airports.

Often if they were waiting for their loved ones, these airports would charge heavily per hour. Similarly, sometimes people would leave their cars at the parking lots for days because they would be flying abroad. Once these people arrived back, they would have to pay a heavy parking fee for all the past days. This was quite a problem for people who didn’t have drivers to take their cars back home.

As taxi services can prove to be quite expensive, people also never preferred taking these taxi cabs. However, now thanks to the ridesharing car services people can easily travel to the airports. Especially people in Boston! Now they no longer pay fees for the parking facilities. They simple request a ride from a ridesharing app, and they go to the airport where the driver drops them off! This is a one-time investment, and it is extremely cheap as compared to the fees of the parking of airports, and even cheaper than the taxi cab services.

Strategies Taken By Ridesharing Apps for Not Using Parking Facilities

The ridesharing car companies started to take notice of the fact that people prefer their car services over taking personal cars to the airport. To enhance the use of their services, they took quite significant initiatives. This helped them attract more customers and cause more awareness about their budget friendly costs!

Some of the strategies included:

  • Offering free first time rides to riders to the airport
  • Offering about $20 off on a person’s first ride to the airport. That’s almost free, so people were definite to choose their riding services!

Some ridesharing companies have even signed up with airport airlines. So the customers travelling with that specific airline get free rides from a car service to their respective destination within the city!

img src="image file" alt="ridesharing"Hyride Offering Airport Facilities

Hyride is also a ridesharing app which operates in Boston. Although it offers a lot of car services, the best one and most in use is its service for the airport. People use the airport facilities a lot. They request a ride home, and they get dropped to the airport. Or those who are coming from abroad and don’t know their ways around Boston may request a ride from Hyride to travel around the city. Perhaps to explore, or simply reach their hotel or workplace!

Although some people might still prefer leaving their cars parking in the lots of airports, most prefer ridesharing car services! So choose wisely and travel with Hyride to the airport while you’re in Boston, so it’ll be cheaper than parking your car there.

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