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Is Car Sharing And Ridesharing Cheaper Than Owning A Car ?

Car sharing cheaper than owing a car, sounds different, right ? Let’s say you live in a busy city such as Boston. Owning a car might turn to be hell for you. So much traffic, random accidents, and constant maintenance! You’d rather walk on foot or ride a bike to where ever you want to go.

But then again, living in Boston, you need a car to get around. You can’t travel such long distances on your bicycle. You can’t go to work or the airport while riding a bike! And you cannot walk on foot under the scorching summer sun as well. But lately, there have been advancements in the modes of transportation in cars.

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The second concept which has been being taken up more often is the use of car sharing. The car sharing method is similar to that of car rentals but might prove to be slightly more affordable.

While car rentals as a whole charge you per mile that you travel, you are charged by hour or minutes while using car sharing.

The Concept of Ridesharing

The first concept which has popularized over the years is the concept of using the ridesharing apps! These apps provide to us a car at any moment of the day and handle our pick and drop. It’s kind of like a personalized taxi service, where the taxi picks you up from home and drops you to your desired destination.

img src="image file" alt="car sharing"How Using Car Sharing is Cheaper Than Owning A Car

As people in Boston and other parts of the world have started preferring the use of ridesharing and carsharing, using one’s cars has reduced over time. People now travel by these services and seem to enjoy it.

Then it comes into question whether or not owning a car may prove to be cheaper than riding with these services? The answer may lie in the following points.

  • You pay a lot less for these services for traveling miles and miles! While you’ll have to make several arrangements before taking your car out, which might be costly, you’ll only have to make a call to these.
  • You don’t pay for the fuel used.
  • No insurance or  any maintenance of the car.
  • You don’t have to pay for any parking fees whether it’s the overnight neighborhood fee or the parking fee of a mall.
  • No need of financing the car.
  • You won’t take the car to get maintenance every month so it can work smoothly!
  • In one experiment it was found that owning a car and traveling with it vs. traveling with ridesharing services was $640 vs. $527!

Hyride in Boston

Hyride is a ridesharing company exclusively for Boston. While it provides several services such as

  • Services to the airport
  • Pick and drop from work to home or vice versa
  • Services for traveling around in Boston

It also provides these services at a very affordable rate. Traveling with Hyride in Boston can prove to be a very pleasant experience for you, and will help you cut the costs of getting a car for yourself. Hyride has polite and excellent drivers, and well-maintained cars. While traveling with this ridesharing company, you’ll feel as if you’re being chauffeured in luxury around town! It’ll be an experience which will make you want to travel with us again and again, at such rates that are so cheap!

Keeping the above-mentioned points in view, it can be translated the car sharing, and ridesharing apps might prove to be cheaper than owning a car of your own. Besides, whenever you’re in Boston, you should travel with Hyride at affordable and cheaper prices!

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